Yeti 20 Vs Yeti 30 Tumblers [Which One Is Better]

Yeti Rambler 20 and Yeti Rambler 30 are two different tumblers manufactured by the same company.

Buyers often tend to mix up between them. As they are manufactured by the same company, many believe that both yeti 20 and yeti 30 are the same. In reality, there are not.


Yeti 20 Vs Yeti 30 Tumblers

The primary difference between Yeti Rambler 20 and Yeti 30 is the maximum capacity the tumbler can hold. Yeti 20 is comparatively less in weight than Yeti 30. Moreover, the Yeti 30 looks bulky and huge. Even there is a difference in their external design as Yeti 20 has a simple, plain design, whereas Yeti 30 has a slightly trendy design.

Do you want to know more about the yeti 20 and yeti 30 tumblers? In that case, scroll down below to look at the differences, similarities, and other features of these tumblers.

Yeti Rambler 20 Vs Yeti Rambler 30: Quick Comparison

The difference between these two tumblers is relatively modest. However, if you are someone who often uses tumblers, you are likely to discover the primary differences as soon as you see them.

If you want to buy any of these two tumblers, it is best to be aware of the differences between them. It is because the design, dimensions, and maximum load capacity can impact how much liquid you can store and how easy it is to carry the tumbler.

You do not have to be a master or a maker of tumblers in order to find the essential differences between Yeti 20 and Yeti 30. With a slight strategy and adequate knowledge, it will be an easy task. 

So, you can have a look at the table, which highlights some differences between Yeti 20 and Yeti 30.

FeaturesYeti Rambler 20Yeti Rambler 30
Product Dimensions3.5″ X 6.6″(8.8 cm X 16.8 cm)4″ X 7.8″(10.1 cm X 19.9 cm)
Tumbler weight0.9 lbs(0.4 kg)1.1 lbs(0.5 kg)
Maximum Capacity20 oz30 oz
Dishwasher safe?YesYes
PriceA bit priceyMore pricier than Yeti 20
WarrantyFive yearsFive years

Overview Of Yeti Rambler 20 And Yeti Rambler 30 Tumblers

If you are still confused, then we have listed more differences with details in the below selection, which will help you distinguish between Yeti 20 and Yeti 30. In addition, you can also pick your favorite.

Let’s get into the detailed list of differences between Yeti Rambler 20 and Yeti Rambler 30.


The Yeti 20 tumbler is prepared using high-quality and durable 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel substance, which makes the tumbler sturdy. Due to that, it can resist tough use and can be used for a long time as well.

Coming to the Yeti 30, it is also prepared from 18/8 kitchen-grade and premium quality stainless steel material. Because of that, this tumbler is good enough for daily use. Both these tumblers show resistance to rust.

Winner: Both


The external dimensions of the Yeti Rambler 20 tumbler are 3.5″ X 6.6″ (8.8 cm X 16.8 cm). Whereas the external dimensions of the Yeti Rambler 30 tumbler are 4″ X 7.8″ (10.1 cm X 19.9 cm). Because of that, Yeti Rambler 20 looks relatively small and compact compared to the huge and bulky Yeti Rambler 30.

Winner: Yeti Rambler 20 (if you prefer small tumblers); Yeti 30 (if you prefer large capacity tumblers).

Structure And Design

Another primary factor with which we can easily differentiate Yeti Rambler 20 and Yeti Rambler 30 is the design of the tumblers.

Yeti Rambler 20 has a plain structure without any folds and feature a simple design. If your hands are sweaty or greasy, there are high chances that the tumbler will fall from your hand.

However, coming to the Yeti Rambler 30, the top part is slightly wider than the bottom part. You can easily spot the width change below the midsection of the tumbler, which offers a more solid grip, even if your hands are sweaty.

Winner: Yeti Rambler 30

Maximum Capacity

The maximum load capacity of the tumblers also helps us distinguish the difference between Yeti Rambler 20 and Yeti Rambler 30 easily.

The Yeti 20 model has a maximum capacity of 20 0z, whereas the Yeti 30 model features an ultimate capacity of 30 0z. Because of that, you can pour more beverage into Yeti 30 and drink throughout the day.

Winner: Yeti Rambler 30

Compatibility With Cupholders

Both the Yeti Rambler 20 and Yeti Rambler 30 tumblers have the potential to fit several cup holders.

Whether you are traveling in your car, watching a movie, or working on your desk, you can safely put the tumbler in the cup holder to avoid unnecessary spills.

Winner: Both

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Double Wall Vacuum Installation

One best feature people seem to like about the Yeti Rambler 20 tumbler is that it features double-wall vacuum insulation, which preserves the temperature of the beverages stored inside it. 

This same feature is present in Yeti 30 as well. The Yeti Rambler 30 tumbler has double-wall vacuum insulation.

However, the difference is that Yeti 30 has a large surface, so the insulation is huger in this tumbler than in Yeti 20.

Winner: Yeti Rambler 30

Dishwasher Safe

The Yeti 20 and Yeti 30 tumbles both are dishwasher safe. You can detach the tumbler by removing the lid and straw.

After that, put the cup and the cap in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. However, the Yeti 30 may occupy more space than Yeti 20 due to its bulky design.

Winner: Yeti Rambler 20

MagSlider™ Lid

The MagSlider™ lid fits perfectly to both the Yeti tumblers. There is a magnet on the cap, which provides an extra protective barrier that can maintain the temp of the beverages. It restricts cold and heat from escaping.

You can open and close the tumbler effortlessly because of the magnet. In addition, the lid is also dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning a breeze. However, you have to remember that the magnet is not leakproof, so it can not deter spills and leaks.

Winner: Both

Tumbler Straw Lid

The Yeti 20 straw lid is constructed to fit a YETI 20 oz tumbler. It has a built-in straw stopper which helps to keep the straw remaining in its original place even if the tumbler falls and rolls around.

The molded-in straw stopper keeps everything safe and offers ultimate sipping convenience. It is dishwasher safe, BPA Free, and shatterproof.

The Yeti 30 straw lid is constructed to fit a YETI 30 oz tumbler. In order to prevent leaks and spills on your clothes, it comes with a stopper at the edge of the straw, which makes the straw rest in its place even if the tumbler tosses around.

Similar to Yeti 20, its molded-in stopper keeps the straw safe and is BPA Free. It features sturdy construction, is dishwasher safe, and is shatterproof.

Winner: Both

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Available Colors

Though it is not a primary factor for all, there are some people who make the purchase solely based on the look and color of the product.

The Yeti 20 tumbler is accessible in the following 13 colors: offshore blue, bimini pink, navy, white, black, seafoam, harvest red, highlands olive, stainless, sharptail taupe, sandstone pink, copper, and graphite.

You can find Yeti 30 tumblers in about 12 different colors, which are: white, black, navy, offshore blue, bimini pink, harvest red, seafoam, highlands olive, sharptail taupe, stainless, northwoods green, and sandstone pink.

Winner: Yeti Rambler 20


As both these tumblers are made of high-quality and reliable materials, they are a bit expensive. However, compared to the price of Yeti 30, you can acquire Yeti 20 at a slightly less price. Because of that, if you are tight on budget, it is better to get the Yeti 20 tumbler.

Winner: Yeti Rambler 20 

Final Verdict

If you want a small, compact, easy to hold, affordable, and lightweight tumbler, then Yeti Rambler 20 is perfect for you. 

If you need a big, durable, solid grip tumbler that can hold more liquid, then Yeti Rambler 30 is the excellent pick for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Safe To Pour Cold And Hot Beverages Into The Yeti Tumblers?

No matter which model you pick, both the Yeti 20 and Yeti 30 tumblers can safely store hot and cold drinks. Due to that, you can bring your cold coffee, tea, juice, lemonade, soda, warm water, and any other liquid. However, it is better not to use a straw when you pour hot drinks.

Is The Yeti 30 Bigger Compared To The Yeti 20 Tumbler?

Yes. The Yeti 30 is bigger compared to the Yeti 20 tumbler in various aspects, such as dimensions, grip size, and even maximum capacity as well. Because of that, Yeti 30 is bulky and can store more beverages.

Is It Easy To Clean Yeti Tumblers?

Yes. You can easily clean both Yeti 20 and 30 tumblers by removing the straw and lid. In addition, the tumblers are also dishwasher safe.


With these differences, we hope you can easily differentiate between Yeti Rambler 20 and Yeti Rambler 30 tumblers.

Make sure to check the details and specifications of each model. Then, pick the one ideal for your requirements.