King KDS Vs Kw65 [Which One To Choose?]

King KDS and KW65 are from King, a famous brand in the whetstone industry. They are both 6k\1k grit stones. But some facts make them very different. Most people have limited knowledge of whetstones which makes them indecisive.


King KDS Vs Kw65

The main difference between King KDS vs KW65 is that King KDS is better in quality and is bigger in size. The kw65 quality is not as good as the KDS, but it gets the work done. The main advantange of KDS is that it can sharpen almost all your knives. But if you are tight on a budget, you can opt for the Kw65

You’ve just seen a portion of the main part. Continue reading to learn more, as we have gathered all of the details!

King KDS Vs Kw65: Head To Head Comparison

Before we get into the detailed comparison part, let’s see a head-to-head battle between the products!

FeatureKing KDSKW 65
Grit size1000 and 6000 grit stones respectively on two sides 1000 and 6000 grit stones respectively on two sides 
AffordabilityCostlier Cheaper
Quality Premium QualityNot as good as the KDS, but not bad. 
Durability Better Durability Not as Durable as the KDS
Value for Your MoneyLow value for MoneyHigh value for Money

You can see the differences at a glance in the comparison table. Before you make your decisions already, let’s know about the products we are talking about.

Overview Of KW 65 And King KDS

The king kw65 whetstone is a fantastic affordable alternative for costly whetstones. It works on both double and single beveled knives. It’s manufactured by the brand King, a great brand just like Vikings for kitchen appliances.

The 6000 grit side is usually the white side. And the 1000 grit side is the pink side. The sides are separated with a black rubber partition. 

It comes with a convenient stone holder stand, which seems to be made out of some durable plastic. With nonslip rubber pads on the base. 

Despite its affordable price, the stone is very high quality. And able to grind and sharpen very well. The material used here seems to be very abrasive and grippy. It’s a good size for full-sized kitchen knives. You have to soak it in water for 10 mins before use. 

It’s a much premium quality sharpening whetstone from the same king brand. But of course, for the quality, the price is higher too. The quality is much better. It looks pretty similar to the kw65. The Kds is bigger than the kw 65 whetstone.

It’s a combination of 1000 and 6000 grit whetstones together. The newer versions have a rubber separator between the two stones. The older ones are just glued to each other. It may be an expensive one but it offers a truly premium feeling to the user.

Differentiating Factors Of KW 65 And King KDS

Despite both the stones being from the same brand, the products are made with different visions. The KDS was made for the premium consumer experience. While the KW65 is meant to be cheaper but good enough quality. 

Anyhow, the products are pretty similar. Both of them have 6000 and 1000 grit stones. Here I have gathered the points that make these products different.    

  • When sharpening your blades, the King KDS incorporates a rubber strip between the stones to protect them from breaking. Because previous versions of KW65 do not have this feature, it will break more quickly between sharpenings.
  • King KDS is the biggest of the two. Allows you to play with your blade more freely.
  • The KDS is the deluxe variant, which is bigger and often regarded as a superior stone. It’s better to have bigger stones for knives like Honesuki or boning knives.
  • The KDS is a bigger and more difficult stone than the KW 65. Between the two stones, each contains rubber. The KW is seen as a more affordable alternative to the KDS.
  • The KDS is more costly since it is bigger. The KW65 base is made of cheap plastic and isn’t really attractive.

If you have a King 1k/6k stone, you might never feel a need to buy anything more expensive. Anyhow if you want to get something else, I have handpicked some other whetstones for you.

Product 1Knife Sharpening Stone – Dual Sided 400/1000 Grit Water Stone Whetstone
Product2Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

These whetstones are also reviewed very well by the consumers. Any of these should get your work done with ease.

King KDS Vs KW65:Detailed Comparison 

Now we’ll put the KW 65 and the King KDS on the same ground and see who wins. Let’s get started!


The KDS has a rubber plate between the 2 stones. It prevents the stone from breaking. 

Even though the newer versions of the kw65 have the plate, the old ones don’t. As a result, the King KDS provides better durability than the KW65 whetstone does.

Winner: King KDS


King KDS is one of the best whetstones in the market. It can sharpen almost all your blades. It has a better texture and is good for hard blades. The KW65 isn’t as good as the KDS in terms of quality. 

Winner: King KDS


The king KDS Whetstone costs about 96 USD. While the KW65 costs around 47 USD. The KW65 is much cheaper than the King KDS whetstone is.

Winner: KW 65

Value For Money

The King KDs may have better quality and durability. But it’s also much costlier than the KW65 whetstone from the same brand. The KW65 whetstone also has a 6000/1000 grit score just like the King KDS whetstone. 

The KW65 whetstone provides great money for value at the price of some quality.

Winner: KW65 

Final Verdict

With tougher steel like VG10 vs SG2 , the KDS is preferable. The KDS is ideal for all of your knives. It’s only a smidgeon more expensive than the kw65, so why take a risk on the kw65?

The quantity of positive feedback you receive from the stone during sharpening is huge. This is what you can enjoy about the KDS. All you’ll ever need is the KDS and a rougher grit whetstone, like 400 or 500 grit.

But still, if your budget is really tight, feel free to go for the KW65. It offers a great quality depending on its cost. In spite of being cheap, it comes with a 2 in one stone. With one side 1000 and the other 6000 grit. Overall it will give you great money for value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is King A Good Whetstone Company?

In the whetstone market, King has a strong reputation. K king stones are relatively gentle and enjoyable to use. However, since this sort of soft stone gets dished fast, it must be leveled on a regular basis.

Is A 1000 Grit Whetstone Sufficient?

The go-to sharpening stone is a 1000 grit whetstone. If you need to sharpen your Japanese knives to get their edge back, start with this grit. However, bear in mind that this spectrum is still focused on sharpening,’ not preserving the edge of your blades.

Which Side Of The Whetstone Is The Roughest?

The side has been sanded to 1000 grit. Place the 1000 grit side of the whetstone in the base for sharpening and the Fine 6000 grit side in the base for edge refining. 


Now you can easily make your choice between  King KDS vs Kw65. One ending tip for you. 

Always cover your blade with masking tape to avoid scratches while sharpening. Hope this article could help you with your confusion. 

Till next time, best of luck.