What Size Rtic Cooler Should I Buy? [ Answered]

The Rtic coolers are a well-known and respected brand. These hard coolers come in different sizes. So, deciding the one for yourself can be a challenging task for sure but we’ll make it easy. 


What size rtic cooler should I buy?

The coolers are sold in many different sizes. From the QT 20 up to the size QT 145 every size fits a different use. There are a total of six sizes. So, depending on the outing, a person might prefer a different cooler. 

The article will describe all of the different and available sizes of Rtic Coolers. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

Different Rtic Cooler Sizes

Rtic offers a variety of hard coolers. Their different sizes offer different levels of the same service. Their coolers are as follows.

QT 20

A fantastic personal cooler is the RTIC 20 QT Compact Hard Cooler. It is 19 pounds, and the capacity is 5.5 gallons of water. And 25 pounds of ice.

The cooler can fit up to 24 cans plus ice. And it also keeps food and drinks colder for longer. For convenient handling, the cooler comes with a stainless steel handle.  Because it locks in at an upright position.

QT 45

This cooler has Ice retention, which lasts a long time, and is impact resistant. This cooler is all about durability. This small to the medium-sized cooler is ideal for a variety of uses. It is easy for one person to carry because of its small size. But it is big enough to carry a lot of things.

While keeping ice, fresh produce, and important supplies cool, the RTIC 45 can carry cold drinks, vegetables, etc. It is 45 quarts or 11.25 gallons of water, weighing 29 pounds.


QT 52

This Hard Cooler has the same capacity but has a 30% lighter weight. Because it uses a special injected mold technology that makes it lighter. This is also a medium-sized cooler. 

It has a 3-inch foam cell insulation that maintains temperature. This is an easier-to-carry yet larger capacity cooler. It is 21 pounds and holds 52 quarts.

QT 65

This is one of the greatest medium-to-large-size coolers you will find. It’s a great cooler for the boat, fishing, or hiking. Still modest enough so that one person can carry it. It is the larger one of the two medium-sized models provided by Rtic. 

It can hold up to 64 cans and ice, cooked food, drinks, etc. It weighs 36 pounds and has a capacity of 65 quarts.

QT 110

This is a big cooler, weighing in at 53 pounds. Great cooler for outdooring, hiking, or fishing that keeps food and drinks cold for longer.

This cooler may also be utilized as a non-slip step stool, bench, tabletop, and extra cutting board. It is advised to keep it behind a car. However, transport will necessitate the participation of several people.

QT 145

And finally, there is the 145 model, which is the largest they provide. This beast has a total capacity of 145 quarts. This means up to 145 can capacity, 36.25 gallons of water, or Holds 155 lb of ice. It weighs about 64 pounds.

It can be filled with meat, etc., or cold food. Hard coolers do not usually get larger than this size. So, buying this ensures maximum capacity. One thing to maintain while using these coolers is using proper food containers.

This is because the food inside containers in the coolers will stop the spread of cross-contamination. So, we recommend these food-grade containers.

Product 1
Product 2

So, these are the primary sizes in which Rtic Hard coolers can be found. So, buying a cooler according to usage is very important when choosing the right one. And we’ll elaborate on the distinction between the different models in this article.

Which Size To Buy?

The process is very simple. Use a smaller size if you want a portable and easy-to-carry cooler for minor trips. The smaller sizes include the QT20 and the QT45. These are quite light and are easily carried by a single person. Without the chance of fatigue.

Any trip or engagement that demands more items to be carried demands medium coolers. These coolers are light enough to be carried by one person. But leaves the chance of fatigue.

QT52 and QT65 fall into these categories. If the outing includes more people, it will be easier if all take turns carrying the cooler. 

If we look at people who prefer hiking as a hobby, large coolers are right for them. The large coolers cannot be carried by a single person. They can’t be transported far distances without any vehicular support.

So, for outdoor enthusiasts who use their cars for such outings. The large coolers are the best choice. The QT 110 and QT 145 are the large hard coolers from Rtic.

So, these are the best ranges to ensure you buy the perfect-sized hard cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RTIC products available for purchase in all stores?

Rtic Coolers has announced plans to create at least 20 retail locations. A part of a growing trend of online retailers embracing the tangible benefits of physical stores.

Is a soft cooler better or a hard one?

Soft-sided coolers are weaker, less robust, and can’t store ice for as long as hard-sided coolers. They are also lighter and easier to carry compared to hard coolers. This can be advantageous in many cases.

Are soft coolers a good option for use?

A soft-sided cooler is an ideal companion for keeping your beer cold and your food fresh, whether going on a road trip, tailgating, or spending the day at the beach.


Now you know the answer to what size rtic cooler should I buy? We don’t think there’s any more doubt in your mind about which one to pick!

Then go for it without hesitation. Best of luck to you!