What Size Big Green Egg For Briskets? [Guidebook]

When you are craving some briskets but don’t want to go outside. Especially in this era of pandemics, it’s better to eat everything made at home. So you want to buy a Big Green Egg for grilling briskets.


What Size Big Green Egg For Briskets?

Let me tell you about the standard version of a Big Green Egg. These are:

  • Classic Kamado
  • XL Egg
  • Big Joe Kamado Joe
  • XL Oval Primo.

This size is appropriate for making the kind of briskets you want. It can also serve up to 2 families.

Is that all you need to know? Well, I don’t think so. That’s why here’s a guidebook on the dilemma you’re facing.

I believe I now have your attention locked. Let’s get into this!

What Is A Big Green Egg?

Big Green Eggs are one of the most well-known and adaptable cooking gadgets. This can be used for outdoor cooks. The Big Green Egg is a cooking gadget made of ceramics. This is capable of grilling, baking, and smoking a variety of delectable meals.

Which Big Green Egg Is Best To Make A Brisket?

There are mainly three standards of big green eggs. These include Classic Kamado, XL Egg,  Big Joe Kamado Joe, or XL Oval Primo. Lastly, we start adding the MiniMax Egg, Medium Egg, or Kamado Joe Jr., which are smaller in size. They also have table nests or stands for indoor use.

However, because today’s topic is briskets, we’ll discuss the Classic Kamado. This is the Big Green Eggs’ Golden Standard.

The Large Big Green Egg or Classic Kamado Joe is by far the most popular option and my personal favorite. This adaptable grill gets heated up quickly. It uses a moderate quantity of charcoal. This is perfect for feeding a tiny army of 20 people or fewer.

The number varies depending on the type of food served. I can, for example, try to fit three 8-pound Boston Butts on my Large Egg, which can feed around 30 people.

I can feed 20 of my closest friends with a 20-pound brisket. I can get roughly a dozen servings out of 10 burgers, 8 steaks, or 5 complete birds, especially if done in stages.

But this can also be made in the other standards. However, in the smaller example.  For example, we can use the “Big One” standards like the XL size. But the obvious classic one is always preferable. 

But you can always rely on butchers if you are not in the mood to cook. Most butcher shops can get full packer trimmed briskets for you. 

Sizes Of Big Green Egg

I have mentioned the preferred Big Green Eggs for briskets already. You can get any of them to use as your brisket smoker.

However, various kinds of sizes are used for Big Green Egg. You can always check them out as well. 

So let’s look into some of the sizes.

Large Big Green Egg

The Large Egg is the most well-known among the sizes. It is a favorite for catering to the cooking demands of most families and social occasions. All baking, roasting, and smoking accessories are accommodated. 

It’s adaptable enough for holiday parties or weekend BBQs. It is big enough to hold eight steaks at once. It is also quick enough to make an unexpected meatloaf. 

The grid diameter measures 18.25 in / 46 cm. The cooking surface is approximately 262 sq in / 1688 sq cm. The huge green weighs 162 pounds / 73 kgs.

XLarge Big Green Egg

The XLarge Big Green Egg has a big cooking area that comfortably accommodates large families. It also can be used for cookouts with all of your friends. But before starting to make anything, try cleaning the egg for use.

You can even cook numerous dishes over the coals at the same time. It is for serving 12 racks of ribs, and 24 burgers. It can even make two Thanksgiving turkeys with all the fixings

The grid diameter is 24 in / 61 cm, and the cooking area is 452 square inches / 2919 square centimeters. It weighs approximately 219 pounds / 99 kilograms.

Minimax Big Green Egg

The MiniMax Big Green Egg exemplifies how amazing things may come in little packages. This EGG is the first to have its mode of transportation, a strong, easy-to-grip Carrier. 

The MiniMax is ideal for camping, swimming, and baseball tailgating. The stainless steel cooking grid is 13 inches/33 cm in diameter. So you can use wraps for securely cooking in foil, although you may want to consider oven bag or a foil

This reveals a huge 133 square inches/855 cm2 of cooking area. It is situated inside a manageable 19.5 inch/50 cm height. 

The MiniMax Big Green Egg comes as a full product and a durable, easy-to-grip Carrier. I would recommend some carriers here for you.

Product 1
Product 2

These are the more reliable carriers for your preferred size of Eggs. 

Medium Big Green Egg

Smaller families or couples would benefit from the Medium Big Green Egg.

The most popular accessories, such as the convector and the Pizza & Baking Stone, may be stored in it. Along with enough cooking space to accommodate a barbecue of four steaks or two full chickens. 

The grid dimensions are 15 in / 38 cm. It has 177 square inches / 1140 square centimeters of cooking space. This weighs  114 pounds / 52 kilograms.

2XL Big Green Egg

The unrivaled 2XL EGG, the world’s largest Green Egg. It can easily accommodate your family reunion or cookouts with huge numbers. 

With the new 2XL, you may try out all of the culinary options, even roasting a suckling pig. It is 29 in / 74 cm Grid Diameter. 672 square inches (4336 square centimeters) of cooking space. It weighs 375 pounds / 170 kg.

Small Big Green Egg

A lot of flavors is contained in a small container. The Small Big Green Egg is perfect for patios and balconies with limited space. It can cook four burgers or chicken breasts at once at its capacity. 

The 2XLarge, XLarge, Large, or Medium EGG can be paired with the Small Big Green Egg. It’s great for EGG performance in restaurants.

The size is appropriate for a commercial kitchen. Now the measurement is  13 in / 33 cm Grid Diameter. The cooking area is 133 square inches / 856 square centimeters. It also weighs 80 pounds / 36 kg.

Mini Big Green Egg

For picnics and tailgating ball games, a MINI Big Green Egg is the perfect choice. It’s also popular for grilling on apartment balconies, camping, and boating. Leave the gas canisters at home and dine on your favorite campfire meal in the MINI. 

The grid’s diameter is 10 in / 25 cm. The cooking area is 79 square inches / 507 square centimeters. The egg weighs 39 pounds / 18 kilograms. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do You Smoke Brisket On The Fat Side Up Or Down?

You should smoke brisket with the fattiest side facing down. If you throw one on the Traeger, ensure the fatty side faces down.

Should I Leave The Rub On The Brisket Overnight?

You can apply the rub immediately before cooking. It’s possible to plan ahead up to 24 hours. I recommend putting it on at least an hour before you need it. My favorite option is to leave it overnight.

Is It Necessary To Inject My Brisket?

If you inject too much, it will merely leak out when the flesh contracts from the heat. It is preferable that you perform this injection. But do this immediately before putting the beef brisket on the barbecue.


So now you know what size should big green egg for cooking briskets? Now, not only briskets but you can grill, fry and do many more with it.

These are great for cooking briskets. I hope it helps you.

Now let’s see if you can do it. Best of luck!