Vollrath Vs All Clad [Which One To Buy?]

In this saturated market of pots and pans, choosing the best product is very tough. Home cooks and chefs are often confused between vollrath vs all clad. Struggling with the same confusion? Don’t worry. We have you covered!


Vollrath vs All Clad

The main difference between vollrath vs all clad is that All Clad is easier to handle but both have uniform heating. But It is metal coated. Another thing is that you’ll find All clad with a stainless steel lid along with it. But Vollrath is pretty good since it has a hollowed design. Though Vollrath has a 1-3 years warranty, it is more affordable.

Like what you’re seeing? We have a detailed comparison between them just for you. Read along to find the best one for you!

Basic Comparison Between Vollrath and All-Clad

People get confused between saute pans and woks. Similarly, they get confused about these two brands too. Let’s have a deeper look at their comparison to get a better understanding:

What are they made of?Both the interior and exterior are made of stainless steelBoth the interior and exterior are made of stainless steel
Are they metal coated?NoYes
UsabilityEasy to handle and place in the kitchenEasy to handle and has safe grips
UniformityIt is good for even heating across the panThe heating is quite uniform 
Dishwasher and oven-proof?YesYes
Is there a stainless steel lid provided?NoYes
Cooling systemIt’s pretty good since has a hollowed designIt’s okay-ish
WarrantyUsually around 1-3 yearsLimited lifetime warranty
Price Range$45 – $500$70 – $550

Hopefully, now you have a superficial knowledge of the features of these two brands. Now time for an even deeper comparison!

In-Depth Comparison – Vollrath vs All Clad

Since we have obtained surface-level knowledge about comparing features, time for some in-depth information!

Feature 1 Out of 9: What Are They Made of?

Both of these cookwares are major players in the stainless steel utensil sector. So, it is easy to understand that they are made of stainless steel. 

Both the interior and exterior of this two cookware are made of stainless steel. 

Stainless steel utensils are corrosion-resistant and rust-proof at the same time. It makes it easier to clean and wipe it off after usage. There’s a huge difference between stainless steel and carbon steel cookware.

Hence, both cookware will save you the hassle of rust and sticky residues. 

Winner: Both Volrath and All Clad.

Feature 2 Out of 9: Are They Metal Coated? 

Usually, the cookware surfaces are coated with a material layer. They could be used for various purposes like- prevention from rust, easy cleanings, etc.

Now, Vollrath cookwares are not metal coated. 

However, all clad cookware is metal coated. It provides the user with several benefits. For example, it makes cleaning easier, prevents corrosion and rust, etc.

Winner: All Clad.

Feature 3 Out of 9: Usability

By usability, we refer to the ease of operating the object. It makes the user experience much better.

The shape of both these branded cookware is pretty nice. They are easy to keep in the kitchen. They are easy to handle as well.

Additionally, All clad cookware has safe grips for better handling. Riveted stainless steel handles make it much easier to handle All clad cookware. 

Winner: All Clad.

Feature 4 Out of 9: Uniformity

In this case, uniformity means how well-balanced the cookware is. If the heating process is not uniform, there is a high chance that the cooking will not be up to the mark. 

The Vollrath cookwares are pretty uniform in this regard. The heating is quite even. This is mostly because of the shape. The straight and long sides help a lot.

Now, All clad cookwares are also well known for even heating. People have not yet faced such problems.

So, both of them are good to go regarding uniform heating.

Winner: Both Volrath and All Clad.

Feature 5 Out of 9: Are they dishwasher and oven-proof?

All of us use the dishwasher to clean the cookware. If the dishwasher damages the cookware with time, it will not perform accordingly. Hence, it is important to make sure that the cookware is dishwasher-proof. 

Also, we sometimes put the pan or pot into the microwave to warm it. If the cookware is not oven-proof or heat-resistant, it might cause a short circuit. 

Now, both the Vollrath and all clad cookwares are dishwasher-proof and oven-proof. Hence, you can rest assured that it will last longer.

Winner: Both Volrath and All Clad.

Feature 6 Out of 9: Is there a stainless steel lid provided?

Stainless steel lids are a very nice addition to cookware. They provide protection and nullify the risk of a shattered glass lid. 

Even though you can’t see your dish through a stainless steel lid, it will be much better than glass ones. They withstand much greater heat in the oven than glass lids, which greatly helps.

Now, Vollrath cookware does not come with stainless steel lids. Their lids are often made of glass. Although glass lids aren’t bad, they are not as good as stainless steel ones.

Usually, all clad cookware comes with a stainless steel lid within the packaging. Hence, they are a better choice if you want better lids.

Winner: All Clad.

Feature 7 Out of 9: Cooling system

The cooling system of cookware is usually dependent on the design. Sometimes, there are deliberate holes to make the cooling even and steady.

The Vollrath cookware is excellent when it comes to its cooling system. It is due to their hollowed shape that insulates air to cool it down.

On the contrary, all clad cookware has a decent cooling system, but they are not as good as the Vollrath ones. Their design isn’t anything like the hollowed Vollrath design.

Winner: Vollrath.

Feature 8 Out of 9: Warranty

Vollrath usually provides a warranty of 1-3 years in general. They also provide a replacement warranty on some of their products, around 90 days. If your cookware gets faulty within that period, they will replace it.

All clad generally provides the replacement warranty just like Vollrath does. 

But here’s something interesting. All clad provides a lifetime warranty for all its cookwares if it meets their criteria. All clad will repair all your cookware free of charge. But it is important to remember that this doesn’t cover unauthorized retailers.

Winner: All Clad.

Feature 9 Out of 9: Price Range

Price is always considered before buying anything at all. Both of them sell cookware in a similar price range.

The price range for Vollrath cookware starts from around $45 and goes up to around $500. 

The price range for All clad cookware starts from around $70 and goes up to around $550.

Winner: Vollrath.

Hopefully, you have a comprehensive idea about both cookwares from the aforementioned discussion.

Final Verdict

Vollrath and All-clad are both amazing cookware brands. Your pizza might get stuck to the stone but nothing sticks to these cookwares. Choosing one of them will be very hard. 

After going through our articles, match them according to your needs before buying them. 

If you need better cooling, you can go for Vollrath. If you want stainless steel lids or a lifetime warranty, go for All clad! 

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Now, we recommend some of the best All clad cookware for you:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vollrath a reliable brand?

Vollrath makes the best non-stick pans out there. They can be used for frying, melting, or even caramelizing stuff. But they will still retain their non-sticky ability. They provide everlasting quality at reasonable prices.

Where is Volrath made?

Vollrath might be a Wisconsin-based manufacturer, but they make much of their kitchenware in China.  But they still make their Wear-Ever line of cookware in the USA. It is an aluminum cookware line.

Are All-Clad products made in China?

No, All-clad does not make all its products in China. All-clad makes 90% of its products in Pennsylvania, USA. They manufacture their other 10% in countries like China, France, and Italy. 


Hopefully, this article will help you choose between vollrath vs all clad for your cookware. Both of them are amazing in their very ways!

Beware of the replicas that unauthorized retailers might try to sell you.

Until next time, it’s goodbye!