Le Creuset Risotto Pot Vs Dutch Oven [Which One To Pick?]

Having a closet full of high-end cooking ware is the dream of many. Even more so if they’re from brands like le Creuset. It’s almost unbearing to choose between their dutch oven and risotto pots.


Le Creuset Risotto Pot Vs Dutch Oven

Both le Creuset risotto pot and dutch oven have similar size and look. It’s almost like risotto pot is a different version of their dutch oven. But risotto pots are wider in size than dutch ovens. Their dutch ovens are deeper and have multiple disabilities than risotto pots.

That’s a partial answer to your question. Care to learn more? Then read our post until the end.

Brief Overview Of Le Creuset Risotto Pot Vs Dutch Oven

We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of both products. But first, let’s see the highlights of our discussion today’s discussion.

AspectsRisotto PotDutch Oven
Size Wider Taller 
Design Round & OvalRound
Multi-UseGood Better
Colour Choice20 distinctive colours3 different colours

Ready for the next segment? Let’s go!

Detailed Comparison: Le Creuset Risotto Pot Vs Dutch Oven

A lot of people have a fascination with collecting high-end cooking ware. If you’re one of them then le Creuset is a dream to you. Le Creuset is a French brand that’s famous for its high-end cooking wares.

They have numerous lines of products that have a lifetime guarantee. It’s even said that you can pass your Le Creuset cookware to grandkids. Among all these, the most famous product of Le Creuset is their dutch oven.

They are also famous for their risotto pot, braiser, and saute pan. When it comes to risotto pots or dutch oven they all have similar uses. Just like oven bags or foil papers.

But there are also dissimilarities between these cooking wares. Which makes them desirable to chiefs and cooking fanatics. One would love to have at least one piece of them in their closet.

But the question is, do you need a dutch oven and a risotto pot? Judging by their uses seems like they must serve the same purposes.

So is it worth it to own both of them? Despite the high price of it? We’re about to find out.

Size & Design

Le Creuset risotto pot and dutch oven have a very similar designs. Both are available in their signature and classic design. 

They are made from the best quality enameled cast iron with the finest craftsmanship. Enamelled cast iron and regular cast iron are different. They are more durable and costlier. 

Although the design is quite similar. There’s a difference in the size of a dutch oven and a risotto pot. Dutch oven mainly comes in two designs. One is round-shaped, and the other is oval-shaped.

Risotto pot is found only in round shape with low sides. But the dutch oven offers more options in sizing than risotto pots. Also, the dutch oven is a few centimeters taller than a risotto pot. High sides are slightly curved or straight.

The Creuset risotto pot is rather wide in area size. Here’s a table mentioning the sizing chart for le Creuset risotto pot.

Width32.5 cm
Length25.2 cm
Depth7.5 cm
Height 13.8 cm

Now, let’s see the sizing diversity of le Creuset dutch oven-

Round Dutch OvenServing SizeOval Dutch OvenServing Size
2 qt.1-2 serving2 ¾ qt.1-2 serving
3 ½  qt.3-4 serving5 qt.5-6 serving
4 ½ qt.3-4 serving6 ¾ qt. 5-6 serving
5 ½ qt.5-6 serving8 qt.7-8 serving
7 ¼ qt.7-8 serving9 ½ qt.9+ servings
9 qt.9+ servings15 ½ qt.12+ servings
13 ¼ qt.9+ servings—–—–

The size difference in both kinda reminds the difference in saute pans or woks.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to the multi-use dutch oven, it is unparalleled by a few levels. That is because it’s usable for various types of cooking styles. You can easily go for deep-fry, sauteing, stewing, baking, roasting, and many more.

Now, risotto pots are not just for making risotto dishes either. You can multi-use your risotto pan as well. Whichever you’re going to use it for definitely depends on your choice.

But the opportunities would be slightly less than what the dutch oven offers. That’s because of the size difference between the risotto pot and the dutch oven.

A Dutch oven can easily accommodate a lot of content as it’s deeper. You can easily boil or deep fry anything in dutch ovens. It’ll give you an advantage over risotto pots in cooking dishes submerged in liquid.

You can use a risotto pot for the same reason. But you’ve to be careful about the liquid amount. Because the amount of liquid that can be contained in it will be limited. 

A disadvantage that you’d face if you choose risotto pot over a dutch oven.

Color Choice

Le Creuset cooking wares come in exotic color designs. The signature coloring technique of their brand is another aspect that makes them unique.

The color goes deep to light from bottom to top and borders to the middle. Many brands failed to imitate this perfect coloring technique. Its rich exterior makes it more desirable to many people.

And if it’s a dutch oven, we can understand your admiration. After all, le Creuset offers 20 distinct colors in making dutch ovens. You can take it off the oven and place it on the table.

There’s no need to worry about decorative containers. The same goes for le Creuset risotto pots. They are presentable for your dinner table. The only drawback is the fewer color option available. 

Risotto pots come in three different colors. Marseille blue, ocean, and cerise. You’ll find the same color dutch ovens as well. However, you can’t get the other colors that dutch ovens have in risotto pots.

Final Verdict: Le Creuset Risotto Pot Vs. Dutch Oven

So, I guess you already know the answer by heart now. Having a risotto pot is like having another dutch oven in a smaller size. Also, with some limited cooking options.

However, we won’t put any question over the quality of either product. Because both are manufactured with great care under strict supervision. Just like Advantium cooking wares.

They are also easy to clean. You only need some of these dishwashers to clean any dearth on them completely-

Product 1
Product 2

Whether you have a dutch oven or a risotto pot, both will last very long. But if you wish to enjoy more facilities, I would suggest dutch ovens. Because I sure would.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Cleaning Procedures For Le Creuset Dutch Ovens?

Le Creuset dutch ovens need little maintenance. However, some things must be maintained if you want it to last longer. Don’t start cleaning it when it’s hot. Always wash it when it’s cool. Use a normal dishwasher. Never use any kind of abrasive cleaner.

Are Le Creuset Dutch Oven Lead’s Knob Oven-Safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe to use at high temperatures. These oven knobs can withstand as much as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can use them in your oven with ease. 

What Are The Downsides Of Le Creuset Cooking Wares?

Le Creuset cooking wares are very expensive. It’s like a luxury product to many people. They are also very heavy. The whole thing is made with enameled iron. So lifting and moving these cooking wares is tiresome. Also, it takes a long time to heat them.

Final Words

So which one are you getting between le Creuset risotto pot vs dutch oven? Have you decided yet? We hope reading this blog was of help in deciding it. 

After all, who wouldn’t want to make the best use of their hard-earned money? That’s it for today. See you in another kitchen blog post.