Is Advantium Worth It? (3 Reasons To Buy)

Spending a four-figure on an Advantium cooking appliance might be a wise investment. The most difficult element, though, is deciding if the Advantium is worthwhile or not. 


Is advantium worth it?

Every money spent on an Advantium cooking appliance is well spent. It’s possible to use the appliances for more than 15 years, which is a huge comfort. The Speed ovens, combined convection, microwave, grill cooking, and many even include a toaster. They’re smaller, compact, and speedier than standard ovens. 

We’ve compiled a wealth of information on advantium. Let’s see what comes out ahead-

The 3 Advantages of Purchasing an Advantium Oven

Advantium technology is used in GE speed ovens. It cooks the exterior layer of food in the same manner as a normal oven does. But it produces radiant heat largely via the use of high-powered halogen lamps. 

Microwave radiation is also employed to help in the cooking time. But in an Advantium oven the program does it on its own. This combination promotes consistent and complete cooking while significantly lowering cooking times. 

All of this occurs without sacrificing the natural moisture of your food. This is something that can happen with conventional microwave cooking.

However, Advantium innovation offers the features of convection cooking, lighting, and microwave cooking.

Ensure that your food is cooked properly while preserving its natural moisture. But it isn’t the only thing GE speed ovens have to provide.

Here we will discuss the 3 advantages of advantium in this section. This will assist you in fully comprehending it.

Advantage 1: Speed Cooking

The speedcook function is undoubtedly the most valuable feature of their Advantium oven. It guarantees that food cooks beautifully at all power levels. 

You can also adjust the power levels. To do so combine the halogen lamp, ceramic heater, and microwave energy for optimal doneness. 

Advantage 2: Convection

Do you want to use your Advantium fast oven as a regular oven? Convection oven baking allows you to accomplish it. Thanks to a 1550-watt heating element that allows you to select temperatures ranging from 250°F to 450°F. You can control the temperatures on your own. 

For consistent cooking, a designed inside fan distributes hot air over your meal. Convection cooking in conjunction with microwave energy guarantees that your food is properly cooked. Still maintaining moisture on the inside and gorgeous on the outside.

Advantage 3: Cooking in the Microwave

GE high-speed ovens bring microwave cooking to the next level. By enabling you to regulate common microwave functions like warming and defrosting. Even while featuring high-end features such as a humidity sensor that detects.

Whenever the meals are finished cooking, the machine automatically shuts down. This guarantees that the meal is never worn out or overdone. Let’s test whether your basic microwave can accomplish it.


Advantium versions include a 375W ceramic heater on the bottom. A 500W halogen bulb, and a 700W ceramic heater on top. To consistently cook food for maximum doneness in Speedcook, broiling, and toasting modes.


The advantium speed oven’s warming and proofing modes accomplish a lot more than traditional proofing ovens. They include specific settings and systems. The system manages the inside halogen lighting and conducts modest modifications. 

Somewhere along the way, to verify that the temperature is ideal for warming and proofing food. They will keep cooked meals at the proper temperature. As a result, they’ll be prepared for visitors when they come.

Why Should You Choose Advantium?

There are different reasons for choosing Advantium. They are durable, affordable, cleaning is easy and others. In this part we’ll discuss and assist you in understanding why you should get it.

Available Choices: 120V vs. 240V Version

You are getting plenty of options with Advantium. Let’s start with the 12V and 240V Advantium speed ovens. These ovens have some amazing cooking alternatives. 

Such as microwave, speed cooking, convection baking, broiling, and warming/proofing functions.

Its main distinction is the cooking rate and the inside lighting heat capabilities. This 240V Advantium version has sped up to 4-8x quicker than traditional ovens. As well as it got various dehydrators functioning at the same time. 

Now, for advantium, you can operate the microwave and the stoplights at the same time. Aside from convection cooking, the oven does not need to be preheated.

The 120V version features cooking speeds that are 2-4 times quicker than a usual conventional oven. It also has the ability to switch on and off heat, unlike the 240V version. Which utilizes all lights for cooking.


The Advantium wall oven combination is not a low-cost item, costing a hefty $3,999. GE officials, though, clarify that the dual-door oven’s modular structure allows for price reductions. Thus the “modified” in its GE moniker. 

For example, you may save money by choosing a convection microwave/oven combo for $3,499. The most basic version, $2,999 is a standard microwave and thermal oven combination. 

It’s unclear if the Advantium wall oven combination will eventually have some of GE’s smoother features. Including a paired smartphone app like its connected ovens or its elegant slate-gray textured surface. 

Moreover, the company has indicated that Advantium will be available in stores throughout the United States.

I think the above factors should be enough for one to choose Advantium.


At this price, you may use advantium cooking equipment for more than 15 years. If you are cautious about how you use it, you’re good to go. 

It includes a variety of automated cooking settings, including microwave, convection, and fast cook. There is no room for error. It’s fast, cleans up quickly, and all the microwave and convection pans are simple to clean. The twin racks make it simple to cook two trays of cookies or other items.

If you want to get some oven-resistant trays, you can check out this place: 

I hope you find the products useful and the pricing affordable.

How to Use 

Usually people prefer stainless steel cookware when comparing stainless steel and non stick cookware and the Advantium manufactures the most durable stainless convection oven. 

So, for baking or heating, you can set food directly on the steel tray that comes with the oven. Or you can use a proper pan and place it on the wire oven rack. 

The models come with two wire racks. And both of the wire racks can be used for two-level cooking. 

Moreover, during convection cooking, any steel or non-steel oven-safe dishes can be used.

However, don’t use a glass or white ceramic tray in the oven. Because it’ll influence cooking performance and fracture. Although they are very easy to clean unlike crock pots, stay careful while cleaning them.

The Instruction manual goes through the appropriate cookware in great depth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Advantium capable of toasting bread?

Yes, they are capable of tossing bread. To toast, choose a toasting time and use upper lights, bottom heater, and convection gear. Make sure the disc is in position before you begin. While toasting, only use the metal tray. 

How do I clean my advantium aluminum tray? 

Metal trays must be hand-washed or cleaned in the dishwasher in hot, warm, soapy water. To clean the metal trays, use a plastic cleaning pad. It should be washed gently in hot, sudsy water or in the dishwasher.

Why should you avoid using a self-cleaning oven?

Self-cleaning ovens can create harmful fumes in the air. Also, they create a terrible burning odor. Self-cleaning ovens achieve high degrees and emit fumes as food particles and the metal layer burn.


That is indeed all there is to it; is advantium worth it. Advantium cooking appliances are long-lasting and stylish.

Before you begin using them, read the instruction booklet. This will ensure that the appliance is used correctly.

Enjoy your cooking!