Gas Oven Broiler Top or Bottom? (Explained )

Are you thinking of a gas oven but confused about the broiler position? Confusion mainly arises because of the top and bottom broiler.


Gas oven broiler top or bottom?

A broiler is a feature in an oven that generates strong, direct heat, similar to a grill. It is normally situated near the top. The top broiler helps in cooking evenly but takes some additional time. Again, for cooking faster a bottom broiler helps more.

We need to dig further into the topic. Read along, and we’ll answer all your questions.

Should You Choose Gas Oven Broiler Top Or Bottom?

The primary burner in all gas ovens is located at the bottom of the oven chamber. You should normally be covered by a metal sheet with wide vents on the sides. This primary burner emits extremely hot warmth upwards into the main oven compartment. 

However, the food will not cook evenly if a gas oven lacks a top broiler. Because gas ovens have more ambient moisture in the air. But it might take longer, often much longer, for meals to brown on top. 

Move the tray top of the oven, which speeds up the browning process of your meal. The heat will reflect from the ceiling, assisting in the browning of your items.

So, do you want to cook your meal evenly and get a crisp brown topping? Then we recommend you should use a gas oven top broiler. Again, for cooking faster, the bottom broiler will work better.

Is the Broiling Process Same for Gas Oven Broiler Top or Bottom?

No, the broiling isn’t the same for the top or bottom of a gas oven broiler. Because cooking food at the bottom will cause it to burn from the inside. It will not cook evenly on the inside as well as outside. 

But if you set it to the top broiler, it will turn into a crisp brown top. Because the bottom broiler generates more heat than the top, the inside will be perfectly cooked.

Broiling in Gas Oven Broiler Top Or Bottom – 3 Things to Understand

We’ll determine whether you can utilize the top or bottom of the gas oven broiler. Let us begin with the essential thing to understand for broiling-

Locating the Broilers

There are two types of broilers we usually see in gas ovens. One within the drawer under the oven and one inside the oven. Broilers are installed inside the gas ovens; thus, having a look here is encouraged. 

Consider the heating tubes at the bottom and top of the oven. You’ll notice that it features an in-oven broiler. In contrast, the broiler in a natural gas oven is located in the oven’s bottom drawer.

You should open the door and look for the broiler pan. Furthermore, the broilers are installed within the oven. So check the ceiling as well.

Broiling Stuff

It makes no difference where the broiler is positioned. They all provide comparable durability. It’s self-evident that ovens offer heat for cooking food. 

Broilers, on the other hand, produce heat from the top, promising superior browning of food. Broilers are ideal for cooking thinly sliced meat, cutlets, pork ribs, and chicken breasts.


Regarding the heating elements, broiling is never in charge of temperature control. Some gas ovens allow you to set the temperature. Just like you can set high or low for a crockpot. It is preferable to consult the oven’s handbook for further information.

Move the rack to the middle if your food is browning faster than necessary. You may consult the handbook. It will help you to observe how the rack adjustments operate with the drawer broiler. Also, if the food isn’t broiling perfectly, move the pan or rack closer for better results

You should know these three things before broiling food in a gas oven. If you know these three things you will be good to go!

What Pan Should I Use for Broiling?

A broiling pan is unique with slats that enable airflow and flat cook. Some ovens include a broiling pan, although you do not need one to broil. 

However, broiling can be done on a baking sheet or in a cast-iron pan. But to get the best performance, avoid the pan from sliding. 

When you choose one of these options, make sure to turn and flip the food. To guarantee even cooking, wait until the water boils. 

How to Avoid Broiling Mistakes in Both Top or Bottom?

If you follow the abovementioned techniques, you should be able to broil meals perfectly. While broiling, there are still opportunities to make blunders. Here are some suggestions for preventing a broiling disaster to ensure a delicious meal:

  • Broiling frozen food is not recommended. Before broiling food, it should be thawed. Broiling frozen food causes it to burn on the exterior while remaining uncooked. The position doesn’t matter here.
  • Limit the effect of liquid on the item before broiling. It can be accomplished by blotting or draining the liquid. Juices and a high amount of gravy of meat might burn it or start a fire in the broiler.
  • Evenly distribute the food. During broiling food, if it is not spread uniformly on a pan. Some will be scorched, while others will be barely cooked. To ensure even cooking, spread out the food. Then rearrange it at least once during broiling.
  • Cooking thick meat is not recommended. Broiling is ideal for cooking thinly cut beef filets. Broiling a whole turkey or rump roast will not come out nicely.

Thicker slices of meat must be roasted or completely cooked before broiling. Broiling these dishes is excellent for crisping the skin or scorching the exterior. But it should be done after the item is cooked, then add some olive oil too. 

Looking to buy quality olive oils for crisping? We’re more than willing to help! These are our top picks for olive oil that you can try for frying your turkey-


These olive oils bring flavor to your food. It can fry longer without breaking down. 

  • The door was not left open. To prevent an overheated oven, keep the oven door or broiling section open slightly. If the oven overheats, it may shut down or spark a fire.

All you need to avoid while broiling in a gas oven is this. If you do these things, you can escape major difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that all gas ovens feature a broiler drawer?

Broiler drawers, which are commonly seen in gas ovens, are quite small. The drawer is usually a broiler if you have a natural gas oven. Push the door open just to make sure. 

Is it okay to broil using aluminum foil?

Unless you’re cooking with sticky food or don’t have a nonstick pan. Line the top and bottom of the broiler pan with conventional or nonstick aluminum foil.

Is it true that broiling cooks faster than baking?

Broiling is a way of cooking food at high temperatures. Broiling is different from baking. The food is surrounded by hot air and cooks more slowly.

Is there a flame on a broiler?

Aside from flexibility, each broiler model delivers heat in its unique way. Gas broilers blast flames out from a central rod. Offering varying degrees of coverage, typically with a hot point toward the middle of the oven. 


We hope we have clarified whether you can use the gas oven broiler top or bottom. This a brief reminder to keep a quick check on food as it cooks fast in the broiler!

We’ve arrived at the end of the line. Enjoy your cooking while being safe!