Flame Boss 400 vs 500 – Make Your Choice

You may hear about the flame boss. Do you want to buy one? But do not you know which one to purchase? It is annoying when we can not choose which is best for us.

Now make your choice between – flame boss 400 and 500?


Flame Boss 400 vs 500

Flame Boss 400 and 500 is a cooking controller device. Flame Boss 400 has 1 cable, whereas Flame boss 500 has 6 cables. If you need more cable, you should choose Flame Boss 500. Flame Boss 400 will not hold up numerous meat probes. But Flame Boss 500 will connect to 3 meat probes.

But this is not the full explanation. There are many more facts to examine before purchasing the new one. 

Carry on with it! 

Flame Boss 400 vs 500: A Quick Rundown

Flame boss uses airflow modulation rather than fussing with ports while standing beside it.

The object capabilities a manifold that connects to the electric-powered compressor, which suits your grill’s backside vent.

A new exterior regulator unit for optimum portability, a mobile app for remote resistors, and twice as many probe ports distinguish the Flame Boss 500 from the Flame Boss 400. 

Marinate the meat and set the temperature according to your need. That is the only job to do. The rest of the thing will do by the flame boss. 

Suppose you want to acquire a flame boss device for yourself; that is a good choice. Which one to purchase?

Let us compare some basic attribute comparisons between Flame Boss 400 and Flame Boss 500. It will help you recognize their contrasts quicker and better. 

Comparison FeaturesFlame Boss 400Flame Boss 500
Dimension6.5 * 4.75 * 2.5 inches7.9 * 4.7 * 114.2 inches
Weight475 gram975.2 gram
Display TypeDigitalDigital
MaterialResin/ Stainless SteelMagnetic Base
Weather ResistantYesYes
Fuel Type CharcoalCharcoal

I have given you an idea now. Let us dive into the details!

Flame Boss 400 vs 500: A Comprehensive Rundown

Let us dive into the elaborated description.

Gadget Included

When you buy Flame Boss 400, you will get a high-temperature meat probe. Also, a high-temperature pit probe is in the kit, along with a power supply. 

In the box, you will also get a WIFI regulator, a blower, and grill connectors.

Flame Boss 500 includes a high-temperature meat probe and a high-temperature pit. You will also get 2 cord organizers along with a power supply.

You will also get a WiFi controller with built-in 12 CFM blower grill converters for practically any ceramics Kamado grill.

Simple Setup System

When you open the box, you’ll discover a built-in Wi-Fi controller with a 12 CFM blower grill converter.

A high-antipode meat probe, an elevated pit probe, a 12 V DC rechargeable battery, and adapters to attach it to your grill are also included.

Then, using the instructions, connect the controller to your grill by plugging in the power, pit, and meat heat probes.

Make sure the final wire is a bit open so that you can start cooking.

Thanks to the variable speed blower fan, your Flame Boss 500 smoker’s temperature may be precisely controlled. 

Flame Boss 500 offers a variety of grill adapters to be used in a wide range of barbecues and smokers.

Mobile App With Easy Features

The flame boss 400 mobile application gives instructions for proper pit temperature and food temperature details. You have to adjust them according to your need. 

The flame boss 400 apps are quick and easy to use. All the things you need to control for making dishes, you will get it. The app gives you message alerts. 

Even you can check the temperature every 15 minutes. 

It’s well-designed and easy to use, especially for a free program. Setup and registration are simple, albeit your confirmation email will likely end up in your junk mail. 

The software makes configuring the Wi-Fi connection to the machine much more accessible.

Cleaning And Preservation

This gadget needs minimal cleaning. Simply wash with soapy water while it is still warm. It is easier to clean than your cooker’s deep cleaning

You can use a mild dishwasher. Here are some dishwashers are recommended for you.

Product 1
Product 2

You will get these dish cleaners quickly in your nearest shop.

If the controller is completely mounted to your grill, keep it covered to protect it from the extremes.

You can clean your Flame Boss 500 very easily. But the meat probes are not water-resistant. Do not wash it with soapy water. 

Standard And  Depiction

This device isn’t meant to be the center of attention. It’s a matter of utility taking precedence over design. 

It’s unassuming in appearance, neither flashy nor unsightly; it’s merely a plug-in device that protrudes from the side of your grill.

The solid construction is always a sign of a high-quality product. The main body is steel, and a plastic casing protects the component.

A plastic container protects the part. Providing you peace of mind knowing it will last for many years.

Flame Boss 500 is a magnetic base that keeps it secure, while the 6 ports are easily accessible. The plastic housing appears to be durable enough.

The backlit LCD in green is about as basic as it gets. You’ll just see numbers, letters, and the occasional bit of punctuation on the 4  lines of the display.

It illuminates brightly enough to read in complete darkness. That’s perfect for checking it out during an overnight smoke.

On the front face of the Flame Boss 500, there are only 4 buttons: BACK,  NEXT, UP, and DOWN.

You can customize all parameters and swap from line to line with only a few buttons.

That is it! You can effortlessly attach your flame boss to either stainless steel grill or an anodized aluminum grill. 

Final Verdict

Flame Boss 400 is easy to set up. You can command the temperature from the gadget.

On the other hand, there is no readout panel on the gadget itself, which could be a problem for folks who constantly forget where they last put their phone.

A “Y” cable alternative would be beneficial because there is only one flesh probe output. Again, this is a minor issue addressed in the 500 models.

Flame boss 500 has 6 cables which are improved. You can manage your cooking while doing other house chores. It has programs like- light your cooker, add meat. 

On the other hand, Instead of just one meat probe, a full complement of 3 meat hooks should be included in the box.

Though both are great, I prefer Flame boss 500 for me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Flame Boss 500 a water-resistant device?

Additional probes can be purchased independently if you want to observe more than one piece of meat at a time because the Flame Boss 500 can hold up to 3 steak sensors without the need for extension wires. 

What is the procedure for resetting the flame Boss 500?

The Flame Boss 500 has no reset button, and you can’t do a hard reset using the settings. 12V DC is used to operate the Flame Boss 500. It includes a power converter with 100-240 VAC at 50-60 Hz.

Is it possible to use Flame Boss with the Big Green Egg?

Flame boss 400 versus 500 image result includes everything you’ll need to install it in your kamado-style cooker. The Flame Boss 400 is indistinguishable from the Big Green Egg Max Genius, patterned exclusively for the Big Green Egg. Flame Boss also sells a universal adapter kit to use the 400 with any charcoal grill.

Final Words

So here is the entire discussion about flame boss 400 vs 500. It has finally come to an end. Despite their similarities, I’ve tried my best to bring out the differences.

Hopefully, I can assist you in directing which of these alternatives is best for you.