Falk or Mauviel [Which One Should You Choose?]

It may be difficult to pick between falk and Mauviel. Especially since both pans have a similar physical appearance. We understand. We were confused as well.


Falk or Mauviel

Between Falk and Mauviel, one can differ them considering 3 main facts. The first is the design. Here Falk comes with a sidewall. Again, if you want a combination skillet, then Mauviel is a better choice. Second, in durability, both of them are great. Finally, in price, Mauviel is comparatively cheaper.

But I think the above guide might not be enough for you. Continue reading to learn more about the distinctions.

Falk or Mauviel – Quick Overview

It won’t be quite easy for someone to choose between Falk and Mauviel. In the first segment, we will show the basic differences. This listing will give you a pure insight into the pans within a very short time.

So, let’s have a look at the table below.

DurabilityDurableHighly durable
PriceLess costly More costly
SurfaceBrushed surfaceBrushed surface
SpacingDon’t have a huge spaceMore than enough space
FinishStandard finishBetter finish
HandleComfortable HandlesAverage handles

Falk or Mauviel – A Detailed Comparison 

Choosing between Falk and Mauviel might still feel daunting for you. So we are adding this segment with a detailed guide.

In this portion, we will go through an in-depth comparison of different facts. This will provide you with more information on the two pans. So, keep on reading to figure out the appropriate one for you. 


Falk and Mauviel cabinets offer a particular quality that is durable and long-lasting. Both are long-lasting and provide a smooth finish.

Falk is famous for its solid copper pans, like 2.3mm. And stainless steel linings that are around .2mm thick. So, undoubtedly they will provide a great service.

On the other hand, Mauviel’s classic copper pan includes a tin coating. And they are built of stainless steel and copper alloy. The material generally comes with a thickness of  2.5mm. 

The earlier models were a bit different from the current models. They are good for stews, whereas newer variants are good for searing. 

So, the newer pans are slightly thicker. The thicker pans are made to contain and keep heat. They also allow you to steam steak. They are rather great in terms of polish and fit.

If you’re looking for some old-model Mauivel pans, Check out the items below.

Product 1
Product 2

The listed pans were the most hyped in the previous time.


The handle is another major fact one must consider before purchasing kitchenware. Both Falk and Mauviel have different types of handles. Fortunately, both of them are quite popular for convenience of usage.

Falk usually employs two styles of handles. They are known as trademark handles and traditional handles. The traditional handles are iron, while the trademark handles are made of stainless steel.

Regarding quality, the stainless steel handle outperforms the cast iron handle. Because it doesn’t transmit heat like cast iron and can remain cold for longer.

The handles are simple in design, and center divots can increase the overall grip on the pan.

Again, Mauviel’s copper pan is also available in 2 types of handles. They are brass or cast iron handles and stainless steel handles.

Cast iron handles look amazing; some even have names engraved on them. The handle includes a depression in the center where you can insert your palm. And the raised edges will assist your grip on the pan.

But one little issue, the handle lacks appropriate heat conduction and may heat up on the burner.

The stainless steel handle has a decent design for a better look. But the stainless steel handle works great in heat conduction.


Comparing Mauviel with Falks, certain elements may be improved in Mauviel. So, ultimately the price of Mauviel is comparatively higher than Falk.

Falk is cheaper in price that doesn’t mean they lack any major issues. You can consider it as an affordable option. 


Our main concern with the Falk copper frying pan is its form. Although it is a frying pan, its high sidewall allows it to behave like a saute pan. When you glance at the internal corner, you will notice that it rises almost vertically. 

Similar to the Mauviel skillet, a gentle slope might be a superior design.  It keeps food from being trapped in the corner. Nevertheless, if you want to get a combination skillet, this is an excellent option. 

By purchasing their skillet, you might just save space and money. To us, a skillet with lower sides is preferable. We would have bought a saute pan if we needed one. 

The advantage of this design is that it aids with food throwing. Food will very likely fly out of a lower sidewall. And also, they both have a solid grip, which protects pan from sliding off.


Falk copper kitchenware has a brushed surface that gives it a distinct appearance. Their outside is brushed, but the cooking area is not. The nice part about brushed finish is that it can easily conceal blemishes and scratches.

In terms of form, Mauviel pans are fashioned in the French way, with no curled lip. Altogether, the cooking surface is quite large. You can cook for two or three people at once.

So, these were the detailed reviews and now we’ll let you know a final decision.

Falk or Mauviel: Final Decision

We’ve almost reached a final decision, and we will help you to make the final choice. If you want a pan for very long-lasting usage, I would suggest the Mauviel. The same answer goes for you if you want a well-designed pan.

But, if the price is your first concern, the answer is the opposite. Falk will be a better option if you are on a short budget.

In conclusion, we can say that both frying pans are nice. But if you must pick between the two, we would suggest Mauviel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Falk copper kitchenware manufactured?

Falk kitchenware is produced in Wespelaar, Belgium. Crafted by a team of copper artists with decades of experience. 

What is the manufacturing process for copper kitchenware? 

The copper is heated to a high temperature before the pure tin is melted. A thin, uniform coating is created with a few precise swipes and strokes of a cloth.

Why are copper pots preferable?

Copper conducts heat five times better than iron. Even better than stainless steel, according to popular belief.

Bottom Line

That’s all we know about Falk or Mauviel. You can now simply assess which solution is best for you.

We can give you a simple tip- while choosing a pen, check at the sides. To see whether they are taller or lower. If it’s higher, you’re good to go.

Please let us know if you have any more questions. Keep yourself safe!