Cyberq Vs Digiq: Which One to Prefer?

Selecting the right temperature controller can be a tough call. Especially between CyberQ and DigiQ.


CyberQ vs DigiQ

DigiQ and CyberQ work as temperature controllers. DigiQ provides digital control. On the other hand, CyberQ provides an option for smart temperature control. DigiQ can be used for a single-food grill. If you are in for multiple grills, then CyberQ can be a good choice. And the comparison goes on.

Still, to go on a decision from this is not that easy. You need an in-depth analysis for this.

This is how the journey of the article begins.

So, place your bet. Let’s start the fight!

Quick Comparison

Are you looking for a high-tech temperature controller like Green Egg Genius? Both DigiQ and CyberQ are good. Now the fight can’t start without a quick review of our fighters. 

To start the comparison, you need to check on the quick stats.

SizeAround 900 gramsNearly 1200 grams
Core componentsPit probe, food probe, pit viper blower, Ac power supply, mount bracketPit probe, food probe, pit viper blower, Ac power supply, mount bracket
Power optionElectricalElectrical
Display The convenient digital display on the LCD screenBig LCD screen with control buttons
Food AlertWarning message or emailAudible alarm
Warranty Up to 2 yearsUp to 2 years
CompatibilityAny grills or smokersAny grills or smokers
CostAround $500Around $217

This is a glimpse of head-on-head between CyberQ and DigiQ. 

It’s time to get into the details.

Head-to-head Battle: Cyberq or Digiq

Well, the previous quick comparison was just a bird’s eye view. Let’s get into some deep analysis now. If you want the perfect colored brisket, make sure you choose the right one.

Round-01: Core Components

It can consist of a set of equipment you must check on whenever you buy anything. 

The same can be said for temperature controllers.


Once delivery arrives at your house with your CyberQ, you’ll find a set of things.

  • Firstly, the controller itself. It’s a box-type thing with a display.
  • Secondly, probes. Typically one pit probe slot and three food probes slots. This allows you to maintain heat for multiple cooking.
  • The next thing universal adapter. 
  • The infamous pit viper fan. This is the main thing that sticks the temperature to the desired value.
  • Set of Probes with extra sets.

CyberQ comes up with 2 types of fans. Both fans can work at the same time to pull off the heat.


  • The first thing you’ll find when you unbox your digiq parcel is the control box. This has a large LCD screen and control buttons.
  • You will get 2 probes slots. One is for the pit, while the other is for the food you cook. You can only control the temperature for one grill at a time.
  • DigiQ also comes up with a pit viper blower. It contains a single fan.
  • Also, you’ll get additional probe wires
  • Universal adapter to mount the controller.

If you are up for multiple cooking, CyberQ is your best shot. Or you can use DigiQ and do a single barbeque.

Speaking of pit viper blades, You can check out these:

Product 1
Product 2

They are a top-notch business. You can give them a try!

Round-02: Control System

Controlling temperature is a systematic process. You would look into the control system as a comparison.


CyberQ will provide you with the ultimate smart assistance. CyberQ has App assistance. You can use this application to control temperature. 

If you have any device with wifi, then voila! You can control the temperature from any place at any time. This is the liberty you’ll get.

CyberQ follows the proprietary algorithm to oppress the temperature.

Not only a wide range of control but also CyberQ will show temperature stats with the help of graphs.


Well, DigiQ doesn’t have any app control interface. It has pretty simple control. Just use the control buttons to set the preferred temperature. The device will do the rest.

DigiQ typically follows the full-time adaptive control algorithm.

You can use CyberQ for smart appliances. Or, use DigiQ for a simpler old-school approach.

Round-03: Knock Knock!

Okay, you set the temp. Now you must know when your food is ready. Or it might get burnt, right?

Don’t worry. Temperature-checking controllers do that for you as well.


CyberQ will send you a text message or email notification such as ‘food is ready.’ Once the meal is ready of course. 

If you get constant emails or texts from your cyberQ app, don’t think of them as spam. Maybe, your food is ready to serve!


Beep beep! Well, simply, that’s how DigiQ gives food alerts. 

Once the time and temperature of the food get perfect, your DigiQ will make a clear noise. 

You can change the beeper’s sound intensity according to your choice.

Want to get alarm bell noise or notification vibration? Choose freely!

Round-04: Compatibility

Which grill would be best for my temp controller? Questions like this can bump into your mind. 

Why not? After all, there are thousands of smokers out there.


Mostly, CyberQ comes off with a universal adapter. You can attach the controller to the grill using this adapter. 

Besides, there’s a variety of adapters made for specific smokers. You can use them as well.


The same can be said for DigiQ as well. You can use a universal adapter or select a mounting adjustable with your smoker.

So, CyberQ or DigiQ, whatever the device may be, is made to work with almost every smoker.

Round-05: Speaking of Money

Here comes the money. Come on now. You need a budget to buy the device, right?


Speaking of cyberQ, generally, it costs something around $470.00. Seems expensive?

After all, it has a cloud feature supported by wifi and application. Plus, a forum for your queries.


Typically DigiQ costs approximately $216.00 dollars. With regular components.

Simpler and reasonable DigiQ Or, CyberQ is a bit expensive but with cool perks? Your call.

Round-06: Enemy or Ally

You won’t buy anything that you’ll feel is difficult to use. 

User-friendly or not is a common thing you will think about.


CyberQ gives you a chance to use smart technologies in grilling. You can use wifi in grilling to initiate, inspect, and stop grilling.

You can see graphs and get notified when your grill has the right temp. 

Install the device, set up wifi, and log in to the software. That’s it!


The features of DigiQ are pretty specific. Just install,  use buttons, listen for the bell, and your work is done.

See which one’s easy for you to use.

Moment of Truth

Phew, that was a long fight. Both CyberQ and DigiQ are great temperature controllers. 

The comparison can go on for a long time. So, buy the one that would be appropriate for you. 

If you are up for a simple, easy-to-control temperature controller, DigiQ is just for you.

Or, if you believe in the internet of things, go for CyberQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a pit bull blower instead of a pit viper fan?

Yes, you can. It depends on your usage. You can use pitbull blowers if you need numerous fans to manage bigger grills.

Is it mandatory to install software for using CyberQ?

It is not necessary to have software all the time. You can use it through the browser as well. Use browser. Go to their website, and you can use your controller.


Ahoy sailor! Time to drop the anchor. Hope the fog of confusion on cyberq vs digiq is cleared.

Still, for any confusion, consult with a professional.

Till then, Stay safe and have fun with your temperature controller!