Why Is The Big Green Egg Not Heating Up? [Easy Solution]

A big green egg grill is one of the best grills in the market currently. This grill can make the food items even tastier and mouth-watering. But sometimes, it fails to heat up, which is a big problem!


Why is the big green egg not heating up?

A big green egg not heating up is nothing severe to stress about because you can resolve it quite easily. However, this problem may occur due to the ashes getting clogged. Dust or debris can also be responsible for this. Don’t forget that extreme rough usage may result in this too.

You have already got a heads-up about the main part. You must keep reading to learn about the solution and some useful drills.

So, get started now!

Why Won’t The Big Green Egg Heat Up?

A grill can sometimes overheat or underheat the food. Less heating keeps the food raw; overheating can make it like coal

However, today we are about to see why the big green egg doesn’t heat up.

A big green egg grill not heating might be due to a few factors. If you know about the factors, you might be able to prevent them. 

But if you don’t know any of them, you wouldn’t be able to follow any guidelines. So take a look to know about the factors.

Once we are clear about the factors, we can jump into the solution. However, the solution methods would vary from one to the other.

Your big green egg may not heat up if the tank has less gas. Insufficiency with gas would not let your grill heat up. 

Secondly, a defective or bad pressure regulator may also be a problem for this. This would prevent the grill from getting heated up.

You may not believe that dust or debris can also be responsible. Dust-clogged grill tubes or spills would prevent the grill from heating.

This issue would not let your grill reach 650 degrees.

Without these factors, there are many other significant and insignificant factors too. Like, too much rough usage can also stop your grill from heating up!

Don’t forget that cooking at a very cold place may also take time to heat the grill.

So, these are the few common factors affecting your grill to heat up!

Solution: Clean Your Grill to Let Your Grill Heat Up with The Best Airflow

You know about the factors that stop your grill from heating up. So, it’s time to look into the solution now. The solution is as simple as cleaning the grill

Cleaning the grill is one of the best things to get heat. See the steps in detail here. We have got here the steps that you can follow for this. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Remove The Leftover Off The Grill

Before you get started, make sure you turn off the grill. That is, there must be no fire or lit coal inside. Remove the fire ring from your grill and place it away carefully. 

Then take a supermarket bag made of paper or plastic, Tupperware, or a waste bag. Then, briefly, put the leftover coal in it when you wash the grill. 

Remove the ash with a glove if you want to keep your hands clean. The black ash, however, wipes right off in the sink. 

Remove the metal grate which held the coals and place it aside. Get in and gently remove the firebox. Grasp the lower vent draft door opening to accomplish this. 

With one hand, slowly take it out. At this time, the grill would be empty. There would be only leftover ash. And these ashes sometimes disrupt the meatloaf to cook properly.

Now, take a vacuum cleaner and clean away the ash. It would be better if you use a cordless vacuum cleaner. 

Because you may need to move it here and there while cleaning.

When you clean with the vacuum cleaner, go over all the holes. Make sure you clean the firebox holes properly. Because this is the place where ashes stay the most.

Now, confused about choosing an ideal vacuum cleaner for this? No worries! Get here an idea. Take a look at our pickups.

Hope this helps!

Step 2: Put everything back accordingly

Simply set back all the parts, along with the lump coal, into your grill. Be certain of a thing when setting up the firebox. 

The draft door aperture on the firebox and the draft door vent on the BGE must be aligned. When you’re done, you’ll have reached your optimum airflow. 

And having the BGE flaming hot, well beyond 600 degrees, should be no problem.

Remember that you need to place the firebox properly. This is very important when you set up your grill. It has to be aligned with the draft door. 

Or else there would still be heating issues. And if you can do it properly, it’d help to control the fire of your grill.

So, these are the steps to follow if your grill faces problems heating up. 

In case you still have the problem, don’t get scared. Because you can contact customer service for any help. 

And they would help you out with their valuable feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my grill rust with time?

Yes, when you let it, your grill will rust over time. Because a grill is constructed of aluminum, it might rust if not properly maintained. This would rust quickly if you have no idea to keep it from rusting. If you leave it idle for an extended period of time, it may rust. As a result, keep these actions away from the griller.

How much worth is it to use a big green egg grill?

Without a second thought, these grills are well worth your money. A lot of features are available that can be quite beneficial to you. This grill has preset temperatures, adjustable cooking speeds, and many other grilling capabilities. As a result, you may rely on these grillers.

Is there more than 1 grill size of a big green egg?

Yes, there is more than one size of this big green egg grill. You may choose one of these sizes according to your requirements. However, most people prefer the large one while buying. Because this is the most optimum among all of them. You can easily cook turkey, steak, burgers, and many more at a time.

Final Words

Now you know why the big green egg not heating up! We believe your grill is now as much tempered as you want.

Before we end, we’d share a tip for you. Always clean the leftovers after you are done cooking. This would be helpful for your grill to maintain its quality.

All the best!