BBQ Guru vs Stoker: Which One to Pick? [A Broad Analysis]

It’s a winter Sunday, and you only want a relaxed hangout. With an automatic temperature controller, you can just forget about burning your food. If you’re looking for one, you must’ve thought of BBQ Guru or Stoker.

Can’t you choose one between these two? That’s alright; we can help you with it!

So, which is better BBQ Guru vs Stoker?


BBQ Guru vs Stoker

The BBQ Guru is simpler, but the Stoker can be enlarged. They serve duties that the latter does not. They both manage the temperature of your cooker effectively. So you should look at the features and functions they offer and then select what you need.

Some more major differences have been overlooked here. Tag along to understand the distinguishing characteristics of which are best. Learn more in our article below! 

BBQ Guru vs Stoker: Key Differences

On intense inspection, the BBQ Guru and the Stoker are very different. Their product range shows their own identity and differentiated brand persona.

Let’s just go through some of the significant distinctions between the BBQ Guru and the Stoker-

Comparison Factors BBQ GuruThe Stoker
Power of the blowerUp to 25 CFM5 CFM
Display of TemperatureLED Graph Display2×12 LCD Display
Connection to the onlineNoYes
Temperatures in the Pit175 – 400 F100 – 450 F
Alarm for the blowerYesNo
Electricity supply12-volt power supplyMiniature 5-volt power source
PricingCheapNot cheap 

BBQ Guru vs Stoker Guide: Extensive Comparisons

We’ve formed a basic understanding of the key differences between the BBQ Guru and Stoker. Let’s get into the details.

Power of the Blower

A higher CFM is always better for your machine. It gives better ventilation by blowing a large volume of air per minute. Of course, your grilling machine is a popular brand. 

This should consist of this attribute that helps heat to get out.  

​​Now if we compare the Stoker and BBQ Guru. We see that BBQ Guru’s CFM can reach up to 25. This is great because there remains less chance of fire in your griller. 

There are 2 kinds of BBQ Guru products with different CFM-

  • Pit Viper (medium)  with a capacity of 10 CFM 
  • Pit Bull (massive) with a capacity of 25 CFM

Pit Viper is a moderate fan used with cookware, porcelain grills, etc. 
Pit Bull is a huge fan. This can be used with massive cookers where greater airflow to the fire is needed. This is indeed a necessary step to maintain heat.

It is enough for the stoker with a 5CFM power of a blower. But be ready for a way hotter home atmosphere with this. Blower power determines how fast it will blow heat from your stoker. 

So a stoker can only take up to 5 CFM airflow. 

Display of Temperature

The smoking experience can be ruined if the temperature isn’t maintained evenly throughout the smoking process. You can control the temperature when you can see them, right?

Assume you’ve smoked your brisket for hours. It turns out chewy, rough, and just plain disgusting. 

How would you know? So if you know the perfect temperature. You would know how long you should have cooked your brisket.

Well, both have the feature of displaying temperatures. But the BBQ Guru has an LED graph display. 

As you’ll be around smoke, a better display would definitely not hurt, right?

Essentially, it’s a tiny computer display that sends one probe to the grill rail. Then to monitor the temperature of the BBQ and then another probe inside the meal. This is to follow cooking development to perfection.

It perfectly determines the time and ideal temperature for food to attain the right doneness. The temperature difference can cause your meat to stay undercooked.

A brisket that achieves a temperature of 195 ° is perfectly cooked. 

Besides being linked to the probes, it’s linked to an included speed control fan. That is securely attached to a bottom vent to limit the quantity of air. That may circulate into the BBQ or smokers.

Online Connection

BBQ Guru does not connect online even though it has many other applications. In the case of the Stoker, you must have acquired a router. You can add more than one Computer to your high-speed network!

Routers may be purchased for $80 only. The key point is that a router enables you to add several computers.

Connecting your Stoker to your router will get an Internet address from the access point. Which you can use to interact with this as well. 

In case you’re looking for a quality router for your stoker, here are our suggestions-

Product 1
Product 2

These are the best products out in the market for you.

Electricity Supply

The electricity supply could be up to 12 volts per minute for the BBQ Guru. Only 5 volts of power supply for the Stoker. Tough enough for the stoker. BBQ Guru wins in this case. 

Both of grillers can be attached with a permanent outdoor extension cord for the power supply. So according to their electric capacity, we can use a cord for the power supply. 

But you don’t want to cause a hazard. Do you? Be extra mindful about getting your cords wet in the rain outside. Know how to protect outdoor extension cords properly with gadgets and tools.


In terms of pricing, the Stoker is costlier than the BBQ Guru. It is fair because the Stoker is larger in size and diameter than the BBQ Guru. So the price varies from low to high for the stoker.

Verdict – Which One is Better?

Still wondering which one to get? That’s alright. We’ll lend a helping hand to you again. 

The better one between bbq guru vs stoker depends on the purpose of use. If you’re working with the BBQ Guru, then it is sufficient. 

But on the other hand, if you’re working with the Stoker. Then you might have to cut some slacks for it too. Both have shortcomings and good features.

Yet, it’s useful to have both of them around you and use them accordingly. We have assessed both saw guides and learned about their advantages and shortcomings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which BBQ Guru controller should I purchase?

We presently have three controllers: DigiQ DX3, DynaQ, and UltraQ.

Do The BBQ Guru and the Stoker have timers? 

No, they both don’t have this feature.  But the updated versions of both are available with timers. 

Will you need to preheat the grillers? 

No. Both are instant grillers. You just need to fuel up and grill.  


We hope you found this guide useful. If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments.