Are Viking Appliances Worth It? [5 Reasons to Choose]

When you are spending 5 figure amounts on a kitchen appliance, they better be good. But not all kitchen appliance manufacturers are the same. 

When questions come about kitchen appliance manufacturers, Viking is the name automatically arises. 


Are Viking Appliances Worth It?

Viking kitchen appliances have a premium price tag. Still, they perform at that top level. Viking kitchen appliances are durable, full of features, easy to use, and also customizable. Viking also covers a wide range of product lineups. So you can choose the best product for your use. 

There is more to each part about the appliances. We have talked about them in detail in this article. So that you know what you are paying for. 

Let’s dive right in!

Why Choose Viking?

There are a lot of kitchen appliance producers in the market. But among them, Viking is the best. 

You are paying a premium price for each of the Viking products. So are they worth this much?

We have mentioned the key factors why Viking is worth your money. Now, you’ll get more ideas about the facts. 


Durability is a major fact to consider. You don’t want your brand new oven to break down just after a few years, right?

Well, if you have purchased a Viking appliance, you don’t need to worry about durability. All of their products are made with stainless steel. Those won’t rust and are easy to clean. 

Also, there is a warranty on each of the products. If you get a faulty product, Viking will change it or repair it for you for free. 

The handles, stove rack, light and you name it. Everything is up to the industry standard and you are getting what you are paying for. 

When you are paying thousands of dollars for an oven, it better last you generations. And Viking products are made to last. 

A lot of restaurants around the world use Viking oven stovetops. Just because they’re durable. 

When a product is ready for heavy usage, it can handle your daily house usage. 

Packed with Features 

We all want new products which have new features. Well, Viking got your back here. 

Each and every product of theirs has automatic and manual controls. If you like to adjust the temperature and timing on your own, you can do that.

But if you just want to use the automatic function, you have that as well.  

Superior Cooking Experience

Again, at this price range, you’ll get the best appliances. You can cook almost everything on the stoves and oven. 

Therefore, viking appliances are the best tools to have in the kitchen. 

For example, there are dual fans to circulate air better in the oven. There are flat tops and gas burners on the stove. 

So, you are getting all the features. The limits are within you!


Everyone has a different type of preference. Not everyone will like the stainless steel design on the stovetops. 

But Vikings do offer a wide range of colors to select from rustic to modern looking. 

You can also customize the features and sizes of the appliances. There is both an electric and gas version of the oven.

Ventilations for your stove can be purchased for the size of your stove. 

There are not so many companies out there who make good products like Vikings. But the rest of the competition is getting closer. 

Recently a company named Wolf is making similar quality products. So, people now often compare between wolf and Viking

But if you’ll ask us it’ll always be Viking for us.

What are the Product Lineups of Viking? 

In the world of kitchen appliances, viking is known as the king. Viking manufacturers premium kitchen appliances that make your life easier. 

There are multiple categories of products produced by Viking. Also, these multiple categories have multiple models under them. 

The type of products and the best type of kitchen appliance for you are suggested below. 


A stove is the heart of the kitchen. We cook and bake all the meals on it. So, having a good stovetop and an oven is really helpful. 

There are various types of stoves and ovens from Viking. We have listed the kinds of stoves below. 

  1. Freestanding 
  2. Range tops
  3. Cooktops
  4. Ovens
  5. Microwaves
  6. Warming drawer

If you are thinking of getting an oven and a stove at the same time, getting free standing is the best option. It has both an oven and a stove in it. 

However, they also make the stoves and ovens separately. So you can get any of them particularly if you want.

Also, ff you have an island counter, getting the cooktops or range top will be better. 

You see, all of the appliances are made out of stainless steel. So it won’t rust and cleaning them is also really easy unlike cleaning a crock pot dipper


Ventilation is really important in a kitchen. A good chimney will keep your kitchen cool and keep your walls clean from oil. 

Here again, viking has a few options between ventilations. They are,

  1. Wall hoods
  2. Island hoods
  3. Custom ventilator
  4. Rear downdrafts

So, these are the few options for ventilation. Here, the ventilations are also made with stainless steel. Moreover, these ventilations have a light and really easy to clean as well. 

Let us assure the chimneys go really well with Viking stoves. So if you have a viking stovetop or oven, getting a Viking chimney will be the best for it. 

Are you thinking of buying a regular ventilator, but don’t have a budget for Viking? Then you can consider the following ventilator options. 


These ventilators are really good performing. They will also not break your bank account. 


We don’t go grocery shopping every day. And keeping foods and ingredients fresh is really important. Viking has a few options for refrigerators as well. 

  1. Built-in refrigerator
  2. Freestanding refrigerator
  3. Undercounter refrigerator
  4. Ice machine

The refrigerators come with freezers as well.

If there is space between the counters in your house, get the built-in refrigerator. 

However, an under counter fridge and an ice machine are best for bars in your house. You can keep the beers and wines chilled before the guests come. 


Viking doesn’t have a lot of options for cleanups in the kitchen. They only produce dishwashers in this lineup. 

The dishwasher can be placed perfectly under the counters. They do come in different colors and are packed with features.


With a great backyard, a great cooking station goes really well. And Viking has your back here. Viking produces quite a few products in this lineup. Such as 

  1. Outdoor cooking
  2. Outdoor ventilation
  3. Outdoor fridge
  4. Outdoor cabinet

Most of their products are made with stainless steel. So there is no fear of rust. 

Though some people prefer non stick over stainless steel in comparison. However, the stainless steel will withstand strong storms and rain for years. 

That’s more or less everything Viking makes other than custom orders. The performance of each product is superior. 

At this price range, you get what you’re paying for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheap alternative to Viking appliances?

The cheapest alternative to Viking appliances is Wolf appliances. Their products have a similar lineup and features. 

How to Clean Viking ventilators and ovens?

To clean oily gunk, use baking powder and vinegar. Leave the mixture for 30 min, then wipe out with a paper towel and rinse with damp towels. 

Where are Viking appliances made?

All the appliances are made in Mississippi, USA. Viking has been making appliances for more than 40 years now. 


That is everything you need to know about, are Viking appliances worth it. Viking appliances are durable and have a timeless design. 

Do read the instruction manual before you start using them. This will make sure the correct use of the appliance. 

Happy cooking!