How to Clean Big Green Egg Pizza Stone [6 Easy Steps]

Pizza stones are the best thing for making a crunchy pizza. But the stone gets pretty dirty after baking the pizza. 

And it’s pretty complex to clean the stone. Specially the big green stone because of its unique composition. 


How to clean big green egg pizza stone?

You can clean the pizza stone in only 6 easy steps. First, give some time and let all the heat go out. Then scrap the food particles out. After that, wipe the stone surface. If more particles are still there, you’ve to heat it. Baking soda cleans the stone effectively too. Finally, you’ve to dry it.

This is only the starting. There are more details of these procedures. So let’s keep going to clean your pizza stone successfully. 

6 Steps to Clean Big Green Egg Pizza Stone? 

You can easily clean a big pizza stone if you know the correct methods. However, the cleaning methods aren’t always the same. 

Especially when we compared pizza stones and pizza screens, we quickly realized this fact. So don’t get mixed up!

To remove your confusion, we have discussed all the steps in detail. Have a look at that and clean your dirty pizza stone easily.

Required Equipment to Clean the Pizza Stone 

Before starting the work, let’s gather all the essential materials first. Because once you start the cleaning process, your hand will be all busy. 

And without proper instruments, your work will become harder than usual.

The necessary equipment for cleaning a big pizza stone is mentioned below. Make sure these are available in your kitchen.

  • Hot Water
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda 
  • Oven
  • Scraper
  • Damp Rag
  • Clean Towels 

All the above-mentioned equipment is very necessary for the completion of the task. If you fell short in some equipment, check in to your nearest market. 

Once you have gathered the items, you can start the cleaning procedure.

Procedures for Cleaning the Big Pizza Stone 

Now that you have gathered everything necessary let’s start cleaning. The cleaning procedure is different from other utensils, like cleaning a crock pot little dipper

So follow our given steps properly to avoid harming the pizza stone. 

Step 1: Cool Down the Pizza Stone  

The first thing you have to do is to cool down the pizza stone. Otherwise, you can seriously burn your hand. You can also damage the stone by dropping it because of its high temperature. 

The stone is used in the oven for a long time. As a result, the stone becomes over-tempered. And this temperature stays high for a long period within the stone. 

So give enough time and then handle the pizza stone.

Step 2: Scrape Food Particles 

The pizza stone is used for baking the pizza dough. So the most common dirt on it is the food particles. You have to remove these particles from the stone.

Use the scrapper to get out the food pieces. Don’t use the scrapper harshly because it can damage the stone’s surface. 

Other substitutes can be used for scraping too. You will find a toothbrush very handy in cleaning the scrapes.

The pizza stone has holes and curves on it. So do the work with patience and clean everything. Make sure all the curves are clean and then you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Wipe the Stone 

The next step is to clean the stone by wiping it. Use a damp rag for this purpose. But the rag should not be too wet and free of excess water.

Clean the stains, grease, and wet food crumbs with the rag. This will almost clean your pizza stone. But if you still have more stains go through our next steps.

Step 4: Heat the Stone

Follow this step only if your stone has more food particles left. If the above steps could not remove the dirt, this step will be very helpful to you. 

In this step, you must heat the stone to remove the food scraps. Then you need to place your stone in the oven. Next, heat it for an hour. 

The temperature here should reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then let it cool down before touching it. When the stone is cool enough, take it out carefully. This additional baking will make all the particles hard and easy to remove. 

Now you can scrape the dirt easily and your pizza stone will be cleaned!

Step 5: Apply Baking Soda Mixture 

The above steps are enough for stains and food marks with normal strength. But the stains can become very dense too. 

This situation usually happens when the pizza stone becomes old. You will need a special paste for this dense stain.

So, you must mix lukewarm water and soda to make a cleaning paste. Vinegar can be a very good substitute for water. The paste should be condensed rather than watery. After applying the paste, wipe it with a damp rag.

You can try these baking sodas suggested by us to make the paste. They are very good for baking and cooking as well.


Use these products for the best experience. Our suggestions will surely make you happy. 

Step 6: Dry the Stone 

Keeping the stone dry is very necessary for its health. Because locked moisture can damage any utensil. When we compared small and minimax big green egg, we saw the same thing.

So, in this case, a clean towel is necessary for drying the stone. You need to wipe the stone properly with the towel. No moisture should remain on the stone. Then preserve the pizza stone in a safe place.

These are all the required steps of cleaning a pizza stone. Be very cautious during the whole process. Follow our guidelines precisely to stay on the safe side.

Some Safety Measures While Cleaning the Green Egg Pizza Stone 

A pizza stone is a very useful object in the baking world. But cleaning and preserving it can become complex due to inaccurate measures. We have discussed some tips here to help you in this matter. 

Measure 1: Chill Out the Stone Before Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, cooling before cleaning is very important. But instantaneous cooling is not suggested. Because it can break and damage the stone. So give the stone some time to get all the heat out. 

Measure 2: Don’t Use Direct Soapy Water

Another important thing is the application of water on the big pizza stone. The stone surface is full of pores and cracks.

You must not use direct soapy water on the stone. It is unfavorable for the stone and can decrease its applicability. Follow the dry cleaning methods and use the paste if needed.

However, if the pizza stone comes in contact with too much soapy water, don’t get all panicked. Bake old pieces of roll on the stone after covering the surface. Roast the bread by baking. This will decrease the effect of soapy water on your pizza stone.

We think these tips will help you in cleaning the pizza stone. Follow these instructions for the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Oil My Pizza Stone?

No, oiling is not needed for your pizza stone. Because of the porous surface of the pizza stone, it can get damaged by the oil. There is also no benefit of oiling the stone.

Can You Wash a Pizza Stone in the Dishwasher?

Always avoid a dishwasher for cleaning pizza stones. The dishwasher will use water and soap on the stone. Both water and soap are potential threats to the stone.

Can You Use Steel Wool on a Pizza Stone?

Steel wool should be kept away from the pizza stone. Steel wool is a very hard substance. It can distort the surface of the pizza stone.


We think you know how to clean big green egg pizza stones. We have tried to give you all the information in the easiest way. 

We have one last tip for you. Always keep the pizza stone dry and in a moistureless place when it is not in use. This will increase its longevity.